Today, November 3rd, 2020, is Election Day in America! This day is filled with anticipation, and many of us are feeling some pre-election-reveal jitters. If you’re on edge awaiting the voting results this year, do not fear… Seabedee is here! We offer premium CBD products that may help take the edge off of the day-to-day, as well as this Election Day! Here’s all you need to know about how you can use CBD products to help you stay calm and collected during the reveal of the presidential election in America.

How Does CBD Help Manage Stress & Anxiousness?

CBD research has gained momentum in the recent years, however it is still not completely clear how it works to relieve anxiety. Studies have found that CBD interacts with receptors in the brain, such as the CB1 receptor and 5HT1A receptor. These two receptors regulate fear and anxiety-induced behavior, and CBD is thought to interact with these receptors in a way that is beneficial for anxiety reduction and relaxation. Despite the lack of clarity regarding HOW cannabidiol works in the body, there are plenty of research studies that confirm CBD’s legitamacy in anxiety treatment. Many research studies conducted over the last decade also confirm that “CBD has considerable potential as a treatment for multiple anxiety disorders…”. With that said, let’s jump right into the CBD products you need to get through the elections this year.

#1: CBD Calming Bundle

For some heavy-duty help with the election stress, turn to a potent product you can depend on. Our CBD Calming Bundle includes our pure Calming Blend CBD Oil and a tasty pack of CBD-Infused Sour Neon Gummy Bears. When election-induced stress has you pulling your hair out, our CBD Calming Blend Oil takes it down a notch. This CBD oil is specially-formulated, combining full-spectrum CBD with a blend of therapeutic terpenes. Research has revealed that the entourage effect occurs when CBD and terpenes team up in the body, which causes amplified effects. After you sublingually take a dose of our fast-acting CBD Oil, treat yourself to the sweet treat your tastebuds have been craving and your mental deserves. Our CBD-Infused Peach Rings and Sour Neon Gummy Bears are delicious and promote powerful calming effects from the high-quality CBD isolate that’s included in the mix. While you’re waiting for the election results, don’t wait to get your hands on our CBD Calming Bundle. Shop our online store today!

#2: CBD Bath Bombs

There’s no better way to unwind than in a bath, especially when you have a CBD bath-bomb to take relaxation to the next level! Our bath bombs are packed with 100mg of broad-spectrum CBD and mixed with therapeutic essential oils to soothe the body and mind. Our broad-spectrum CBD soaks into the skin, relieving the muscles of stress and tension build up. So if election stress is making a mess of your day, soak it away with our CBD Bath Bombs, and choose from scents like Jasmine, Eucalyptus and Lavender. 

#3: Calming Blend CBD Oil

When the presidential election is sinking into your mental and inducing stress, say hello to this handy-dandy bottle of Calming Blend CBD Oil. Our Calming Blend CBD tinctures combine 500mg of full-spectrum CBD with organic MCT oil and a proprietary blend of terpenes that work to maximize stress-relieving benefits. Terpenes like Linalool and Limonene enhance CBD’s restorative effects and drop stress like it’s hot. Every bottle contains 75 mg of CBG & CBN, which are two powerful cannabinoids that work synergistically with CBD. Dealing with long days and tense moments of the election just got easier! Shop our CBD store today.


Blessing EM, Steenkamp MM, Manzanares J, Marmar CR. Cannabidiol as a Potential Treatment for Anxiety Disorders. Neurotherapeutics. 2015;12(4):825-836. doi:10.1007/s13311-015-0387-1

CBD Gummies for Sex FAQ's

How can CBD Gummies for Sex enhance my sexual experience?

CBD Gummies for Sex help promote relaxation, reduce anxiety, and increase blood flow, leading to enhanced intimacy and improved sexual experiences.

Are CBD Gummies for Sex safe to use?

Yes, CBD Gummies for Sex are made from natural ingredients and are generally considered safe to consume. However, it's essential to consult with a healthcare professional if you have any concerns.

How should I take CBD Gummies for Sex to maximize their benefits?

For best results, consume the recommended dosage of CBD Gummies for Sex around 30-60 minutes before engaging in sexual activities to allow ample time for CBD to take effect.

Can CBD Gummies for Sex help with performance anxiety?

CBD has been known to reduce anxiety, which may help alleviate performance anxiety during sexual encounters, allowing for a more enjoyable experience.

Are there any side effects of taking CBD Gummies for Sex?

Most people do not experience significant side effects when taking CBD Gummies for Sex. However, some may experience mild drowsiness, dry mouth, or lowered blood pressure. Always consult a healthcare professional if you have concerns.

Can I take CBD Gummies for Sex with other medications?

It's important to consult with your healthcare provider before combining CBD Gummies for Sex with any other medications, as CBD may interact with certain prescription drugs.

How many CBD Gummies for Sex should I take?

The ideal dosage of CBD Gummies for Sex varies by individual. Always follow the recommended dosage on the product label or consult with a healthcare professional for personalized guidance.

Are CBD Gummies for Sex legal in my area?

CBD products, including CBD Gummies for Sex, are legal in most areas, as long as they contain less than 0.3% THC. However, it's crucial to check your local laws and regulations to ensure compliance.

How long do the effects of CBD Gummies for Sex last?

The duration of the effects of CBD Gummies for Sex varies by individual and depends on factors such as body weight, metabolism, and dosage. Generally, the effects can last for several hours.

Can CBD Gummies for Sex help with erectile dysfunction?

While there is no definitive scientific evidence, some studies suggest that CBD may help improve blood flow and reduce anxiety, potentially benefiting those experiencing erectile dysfunction. Always consult with a healthcare professional for personalized advice.